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To give voice and structure to the movement, the Momentum Midland Program Office was formed with support of local foundations and corporations. The Program Office is a staff of three guided by an Advisory Panel of representatives from many community organizations.

The Advisory Panel includes people from local philanthropic foundations, small businesses, major corporations, healthcare, higher education and the arts. It is a well-rounded cross-section of people who represent every walk of life in Midland and who are open to getting input from every perspective.

Momentum Midland supports public projects and commercial development, some of which have been under consideration for years, by providing administrative assistance, consultation, expertise and access to funding. These projects can be anywhere in Midland, and today are focused mainly in Downtown.


Advisory Council

Bobbie Arnold, Charles J. Strosacker Foundation Mark O'Brien, The H Hotel/Dolce Lifestyle Collection
John Bartos, Community Member Alan Ott, Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation
Bo Brines, Little Forks Outfitters Keith Pretty, Northwood University 
J.W. Fisher, Fisher Companies David Ramaker, Chemical Financial Corporation & Chemical Bank
Jim Fitterling, The Dow Chemical Company Emily Schafer, Midland Area Community Foundation
David Ginis, Ginis Goldsmiths Bill Schuette, Michigan Department of Attorney General
Bob Hansen, Dow Corning Corporation J. Donald Sheets, Dow Corning Corporation
Michael Hayes, Midland Center for the Arts William Stavropoulos, Michigan Baseball Foundation
Terri Johnson, The Dow Chemical Company Kristen McDonald, Greater Midland
David Kepler, Momentum Midland Paula Tolliver, The Dow Chemical Company
Nancy Lamb, The Dow Chemical Company Mary Toth, MidMichigan Health
Anne Lange, City of Midland Resident Stacey Trapani, Trapani Communications
Andrew Liveris, The Dow Chemical Company Jenee Velasquez, The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation
Bo Miller, NightFire Advisors Macauley Whiting Jr., The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation
Pete Milojevic, Midland Cogeneration Venture Bill Allen, Midland Business Alliance
Sharon Mortensen, Midland Area Community Foundation  




Paul Barbeau

Executive Director

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Paul Barbeau has been a Midland resident since 2006 when he moved there to become the first president and general manager of the Great Lakes Loons minor league baseball team. A native of Boston, Paul currently serves as the Vice President of MBF and is an active member of the community, serving in multiple civic leadership roles. Part of the MBF mission is to enhance the area surrounding Dow Diamond ball park, which makes Paul a natural fit for the role of leading Momentum Midland.

Dan Rogers

Project Director

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Dan Rogers is a life-long Midland County resident with over 25 years of Construction Management and Project Management experience. Prior to working for MBF on the Momentum Midland Initiative, Dan was a key member of the CBRE Leadership Team where he supported strategic planning activities for multi-million dollar construction initiatives and was responsible for executing key construction projects for The Dow Chemical Company. 

Chelsea Rowley

Program Manager 

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Chelsea Rowley, a native of Bay City, joined MBF and the Momentum Midland team in May 2015 after completing her undergraduate degree from Alma College in April. With concentrations in Business Administration and New Media Studies, Chelsea is eager to put her communications and digital marketing skills to work. 

Funding Support

Charles J. Strosacker Foundation

Chemical Bank

Dow Corning Corporation

The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation

Michigan Baseball Foundation (MBF)

Midland Area Community Foundation/ Entranceways Initiative Task Force

Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation

The Dow Chemical Company