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Momentum Midland has been receiving local coverage from The Midland Daily News, TV 5 and other media outlets. Below is a list of the official articles published about our effort.
  Aug. 2015 Midland Township residents, business owners share their thoughts on Farmers Market relocation
  Aug. 2015 Farmers' Market expansion may affect city traffic
  Aug. 2015 Questions, answers provided concerning the Midland Farmers Market project
  Aug. 2015 Bullock Creek businesses, residents concerned about Farmer Market, Poseyville Bridge plans
  July 2015 Update: Midland City Council moves ahead with Putnam Park study
  July 2015 Putnam Park study approval sought by group
  July 2015 Putnam Park not protected by Midland Charter from Farmers Market consideration
  July 2015 Vendors sound off on Midland Farmers Market
  June 2015 A new vision for downtown Midland unveiled
  June 2015 Our view: Share thoughts on Farmers Market, more
  June 2015 Economic plans for downtown Midland focus of Momentum meeting; public invited
  May 2015 Our view: Make your voice part of the new Farmers Market
  May 2015 Discussions continue concerning relocation of Farmers Market to new area in downtown Midland
  May 2015 Linking downtown and Dow Diamond
  Jan. 2015 Group launches Momentum Midland investment effort

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For more information, please consider referencing the following documents. 
Aug. 2015 Reimagining Our Streets as Places: From Transit Routes to Community Roots
June 2015 Reflecting on Today’s Market Trends: A Report from Barcelona
June 2015 Momentum Midland Visioning Booklet
Sep. 2014 Michigan Municipal League PlacePlan                                                                                          
Feb. 2014 12 Strategies That Will Transform Your City's Downtown
Nov. 2013 10 Small Cities With Urban Amenities That Most Big Cities Lack
Jan. 2013 City of Midland Future Land Use Goals